K2 Better Daze, last episode

So we've come to the end of this season's Better Daze episodes but fear not these boys are just getting started. Along with Belzile's guidance, Jake Kuzyk and Steve Cartwright spin the revolver in the the Whistler backcountry.... Don't believe me? Check out the video and keep an eye on these guys, by next year, we'll be telling you "We told you so".

Better Daze from K2

Better Daze is the last webserie from K2, it follows the canadian team (Jake Kuzyk, Matt Belzile and Steve Cartwright) in their search for better days. With nothing but bad weather in the forecast Jake, Matt and Steve pack up the truck and head out to the unknown to shoot the last sequences of their parts. In this second episode there is a jib mission and some skateboarding.

Matt Belzile - All Plugged Up

Matt Belzile is originally from Ottawa (Canada) and has now been living 5 years in Whistler. During the summer, he coaches young snowboarders at Camp of Champions, and in the winter, he works on his classy style in Whistler's backcountry - amoung other areas - while filming with the Variety Pack. Here is his part from their last movie: All Plugged Up.