Real Snow Backcountry, round 1 results

Real Snow Backcountry, round 1 results

The round 1 from Real Snow Backcountry is officially finished, 4 out of the 8 riders are now qualified for the round 2... Let's start with Nicolas Müller, who received the best comments and the most votes (74%)... He was against Mark Sollors (26%) and go straight to the round 2.

X Games Real Snow Backcountry 2012

X Games Real Snow Backcountry 2012

After the big success of the street version, the Real Snow video contest from the X Games is back, in a backcountry version. This first edition in the big mountain side of snowboarding is based on the same principle. 8 riders competing with 90s edits and two winners, one elected by a professionnal jury and the other by the public.

Let's start with Mathieu Crépel who filmed his edit with the Standard crew (you can vote for him here).

TB 20 Slams

Ages ago, the videos use to have a section for the slams. This section disapear when the DVD came out because it makes a perfect bonus. Nowadays everybody hack buy the videos on iTunes and the slam section had became a way to promote the video.
Here is the slam section from Standard's last video. If you want to order your TB 20 DVD, don't hesitate it's a good one, oh and by the way Mathieu Crépel got the last part of the video.

X Games 2011: portfolio from the first days

We aren't going to make an edit per day to go over the different practice runs, and the final stages for snowboarding start on Thursday. Meanwhile, here is a first portfolio and a few words of our arrival at X Games 2011, in Tignes, France.

Harakiri Teaser

The frenchies from Harakiri are back with their new trailer for Pan Pan. The full movie will be on Fluofun in January 2011. BANG

Kumi Yama 2010

The Kumi Yama 3 is over, after a sunny snowboard week-end, full of celebrities, of soft snow, of injuries, of big tricks and funny tricks. Report - MEGA portfolio - some pictures from the photo contest and a video coming really soon !

Oli Gittler Report: French Team Training in Laax

For the month of December, there is always the one option every National team goes for: go to Colorado where the conditions are perfect, but with a million kids trying to drop in between 6-foot tall body built athletes charging the 22-foot halfpipe. Therefore, with the help of Marco "Cuido Pongo" and Pepe from the Swiss team, we took another direction...

Mathieu Crepel Interview

Yes, we admit it, we're french and we're starting the season by talking about one of the top french riders, Mathieu Crepel. Mathieu is now preparing for the Olympics, training on airbags and getting ready for next season. We met him at an X Games Europe party in Paris where all the guys from french TV and ESPN were (suits, free champaign, baggy pants and TV stars, yeah) that was a dope party for sure. Let's talk about the exxxxtremegames, doublecorks, Olympics, doublebacks, sponsors, suiich alley-oop backside double rodeo and have an exclusive look at his Standard Films' Aesthica part!