X Games Real Snow 2012

X Games Real Snow 2012

The X Games Real Snow are back in 2012 for it's second edition, this video contest version of the X gather together the top 8 of the best street riders; the format of the comp leave more space for creativity and originality. It seems like they finally understood that snowboarding is not all about a performance at a given moment.

Let's start with the crazy edit of Halldor Helgason... double corks in street, how insane is that ?

Freestyle.ch report

When Fluofun contacted me two weeks ago to cover the freestyle.ch, I was first afraid to have to learn the whole recent history of snowboarding to succeed in my mission: writing a good article that would give the impression that I knew what I was talking about.

Sexual Snowboarding!

No more stopping the Helgasons now! After starting their own snowboard brand, Lobster Snowboards, they are now announcing their new own personal full feature snowboard movie: Sexual snowboarding. Maybe it's because they travel around with their own filmer all the time and that he was probably wanting to do more than ''only'' shoot for Helgasons podcasts and Pirate and Standard video parts (keeping in mind that the images are the same in both of Halldor's parts). Here is a teaser with some good ol' Nirvana to go along with it.

LObStER Snowboards

So you probably have already heard, but we wanted to put this out there in the case that you haven't yet. After leaving DC for Nike 6.0 and thus losing his board sponsor, Many people were wondering what board Halldor Helgason would be riding next. So here is the news: he and his brother Eiki are starting their own board company! It will be called LObStER Snowboards, and it looks pretty sick. Check the details after the jump!