Elias Elhardt, Full Part 2013

Elias Elhardt, Full Part 2013 Have you seen Elias Elhardt full part from Distorted Reality, the latest Pirate Movie ? It's right here and if you speak french, you have to read his full interview here. Or google translate it. Do something.

Elias Elhardt Full Part

Here is the brand new Elias Elhardt's video part in the latest Rip Curl production: Alive And Kickin'. The Germano-French spend his past winter between Austria and Canada to shoot with People Films... and it seems he used that time to land some bangers. Rip Curl wil release a new part every two weeks so stay tuned. Don't forget  to check out the rest of the news, you'll find a Dakine clip introducing Elias's new backpack pro model. Enjoy!

Rip Curl Gum, full movie

Rip Curl Gum, full movie

Here is the christmas gift from Rip Curl : the full Gum movie. For those who didn't follow the episodes, it's time to check that out ! Follow Victor de Le Rue, Victor Daviet, Janne Lipsanen or Elias Elhardt in their adventures between Japan, Canada and Argentina by clicking on the play button...

Rip Curl Gum, Argentina!

Rip Curl Gum, Argentina!

Rip Curl is back with a new movie! One thing is sure, they're getting better and better every year. Here is the first part for GUM, their last movie. 5 minuts full of bangers in Argentina with a nice last section from the frenchy Victor de le Rue on his own...

Welcome Home 2: Argentina!

In this 4th and last part of Welcome Home 2, Elias Elhardt, Victor de le Rue, Victor Daviet, Mati Radaelli, Nils Arvidsson, Dani Sastre, and Nate Johnstone fly to the southern hemisphere, and check out Argentina. During their stay, they made the most of huge pow fields, unridden backcountry, snowy forests, a few original spots, and a bit of local culture. Check the article for all previous episodes of Welcome Home 2.

Welcome Home 2: Switzerland!

In the third episode of Welcome Home 2, the Rip Curl crew go visit Darius Heristchian in Switzerland. Victor de le Rue, Remi Lamazouere, Mati Radaelli, Nils Arvidsson, Martin Seiler, Elias Elhardt, and Emilien Badoux get straight down to business and lay it down on some of Europe's finest backcountry terrain.

Welcome Home 2: Germany!

Exclusive Fluofun vid! For the first episode of Welcome Home 2, Victor De Le Rue and Janne Lipsanen took a trip to Germany to visit their friend Elias Elhardt for deep pow runs and a jump in Elias' freezing 'hot' tub.
Check out a few pics from the Germany trip after the jump.

Welcome Home 2: teaser

The Rip Curl team is back with Welcome Home 2! Far from a simple promo video, it is a real movie production that Rip Curl entertain us with, that you will discover at fall on fluofun.com! But have a look at the teaser first, then see you after the jump to know who went where, why and how.

O'neill Evolution: Report

We were at the O'neill Evolution 2010 in Davos and here is our report with photos and videos for the Halfpipe and the Slopestyle.

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