Liquid Shit. Danny Kass.

After Bryan Fox last week, here is the second episode of our brand new series by the sweet name of LIQUID SHIT.

For the record, this series aim to make you think over before fooling around with your board... pros tell you their worst fear as riders, be they shredding a park, the backcountry or whatever. 

So here is the time when Danny Kass, the boss of both Grenade Gloves and frozen pipes, exclaimed: "fuck, that was a close one!"

Danny Kass Interview

From saving turtles, to getting two olympic halfpipe medals, going to the moon with chimps, getting inked by Jamie Lynn, and getting sponsored by energy drink/ running-shoe/ phone companies without turning into Ryan Shekler, snowboarder/rock star Danny Kass does it all. Check the full video (teaser), interview, and portfolio after the jump, and you'll see what we mean... or not.

Flipside Episode 3 - Fredi & Nicolas

Danny Kass, Annie Boulanger, Justin Bennee, and Fredi Kalbermatten went to Nicolas Muller's place in Laax to eat some dried meat and gruyère cheese, buy do-it-all knives, and discover the European version of Alaska...

Kumi Yama 2010

The Kumi Yama 3 is over, after a sunny snowboard week-end, full of celebrities, of soft snow, of injuries, of big tricks and funny tricks. Report - MEGA portfolio - some pictures from the photo contest and a video coming really soon !