12 Months- The Full Year

Look back on a year of shredding with 12 Months, Rome Snowboard's awesome webseries.

Check out a compilation of some of the crew's best tricks from last season with Len Jørgensen, Bjorn Leines, Thomas Delfino, Stale Sandbech, Ozzy Henning, Jordan Phillips, Victor Simco and so many others. Each month, these riders answered the call of the shred, each time in a different location: Austria, Canada, the US, Chile. They were clearly busy!

Flipside 4 - Jake Blauvelt & Lucas Debari

For the fourth episode of Flipside, Jake Blauvelt and Lucas Debari get out to BC along with Gigi Ruf (who was also filming for 9191), Wille Luoma, DCP, Bjorn Leines and Annie Boulanger to make the most of Canadian backcountry's snow pillows and deep pow.

Absinthe Now/Here

New Absinthe Teaser is ON. and sick. They are back with Now/Here and they seem to be in the same good dynamic as last year (with Neverland). Whether it is in deep powder, steep faces or urbain spots... The list of riders is pretty gnarly too: Gigi, Terje, Bourbouss, Dan Brisse, Jake Blauvelt, RDM, DCP, JP Solberg... etc etc etc...

The best part is that you can get the chance to see it on a big screen. If you stop by France in september, Fluofun is organizing 2 dates. One in Grenoble the 21st of september and one in Paris the 27th of september. Life is beautiful right ? Watch the teaser and discover the comprehensive list of the riders in the rest of this news. See you at the cinema !