X Games 2012 - LIVE

The X Games just began and thé live stream is available here. So what's interesting there ? Well the pipe, the slopestyle, the real street. Shaun White passed the last two weeks training with Mikkel Bang for the slopestyle so, we'll see what he learned.

PS : Yes, there is also skiing, but it's the same live for skiing and snowboarding so don't complain and read the schedule if you only want to see snowboard.

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X Games 2012 LIVE 

Thursday 26 January
10:30 a.m : Men's Ski Slopestyle Elimination
1:30 p.m : Women's Ski Slopestyle Final
2:30 p.m : Snowboard Street Final
7:00 p.m : Snowmobile Freestyle Final
7:45 p.m : Men's Ski Slopestyle Final

Friday 27 January
10:30 a.m : Men's Snowboard Slopestyle Elimination 
11:30 a.m : Men's & Women's Skier X Qualifying 
1:30 p.m : Women's Snowboard Slopestyle Final Slopestyle 
2 p.m : Men's & Women's Snowboarder X Qualifying 
3:30 p.m : Adaptive Snowboarder X Exhibition 
6:30 p.m : Men's Ski SuperPipe Elimination 
8:30 p.m : Snowboard Big Air Final

Saturday 28 January
9:30 a.m : Mono Skier X Qualifying
11 a.m : Women's Ski SuperPipe Final
12:30 p.m : Men's Ski SuperPipe Final
2 p.m : Men's & Women's Snowboarder X Final
6:45 p.m : Ski Big Air Final
7:30 p.m : Men's Snowboard Slopestyle Final 
Sunday 29 January
12 p.m : Men's & Women's Skier X Final
12:15 p.m : Men's Snowboard SuperPipe Elimination
2:45 p.m : Mono Skier X Final
7 p.m : Snowmobile Best Trick Final
7:45 p.m : Men's Snowboard SuperPipe Final


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