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A part of the Ero One crew was in Meribel, French Alps, a few days ago to shoot a short video of the new DC snowpark : the infamous Area 43. The park is located in the heart of Les 3 Vallées, France, and we followed them through the day to see how things are done, and what the park looks like...

After two years spent in Chamonix, DC decided to move its Area 43 snowpark in Méribel. One thing is sure, it was a good idea : the spot is awesome. Area 43 is worldwide project at DC. From Czechs, Germans or Spaniards to the Global team for the Shred Days, the whole DC snowboard world gathers at Area 43.

Beginners areaWhen we visited the snowpark, it was its first day of opening. But the park already looked good with a full beginner area (whoops, mini kickers, jib line) and a pro line which wasn't fully ready. However there was already some serious kickers and rails. The halfpipe located on the top of the park wasn't ready yet but they had just received a Zaug 22". For those who know a little bit about shaping machines, it should mean something to you. For the others, just know that it's more or less what they use to shape the X-Games halfpipe.

Big Brother is watching youHaving a good park is one thing, having people knowing it, is another ! That's why DC called the Ero One crew to make a few clips. The first one, that you will find below, is more generic, to show the different features, while the second one aims to present the "Live Park" system. 

"Live Park"? Well, it's simple ! You just put a sticker on the strap of your goggle, then are filmed (in HD) when you ride the indicated park features. To get the footage when you get back home, you just have to go on the livepark website, easy... And from what we've seen, it works pretty well.

DC also rents a chalet in Les Allues to accomodate the staff, riders and friends. We met up at 9 a.m. to enjoy a nice sunny day of shred. The rendez-vous was taken with Florent Marot (who hurt himself a few days before on this slam), Jani Soralsami, the Finn, Dimitri Biau, french superstar from the Pyrénées and Jon Vital, cameraman for the crew. Everybody was ready at 10, just before we realized that Dimitri wasn't awake.

At 11, everything was finally ready so we hit the road to Méribel with a pretty van lent by Ford (yes, DC, Ken Block, Ford, connections are made...). The day was managed by Florent Marot. Unable to ride and responsible for the group, he's the master planner for the crew.

The day passes with the riders hitting the beginners line, Dimitri sending some heavy 5s and 7s on the small kickers... Method off the knuckle for Jani, slashes on the piste for Dim, everyone's having fun! With the sun playing with the mountains a nice game of lighting / shadowing hits the park, the crew moves to the rails, and finally to the big booter. Jani and Dimitri both send stylish moves on the two features, you quickly understand why these guys are pros.

Dimitri carving Jani, shifty Dim, lip 27 Jani, backside air

4pm, Jon has the shots he needs for the edit, the sun is down, and everyone gets back to the chalet for some beers around the fireplace. Jon starts to check the images of the day, another part of his job starts now... and here is the result. You will recognize some tricks and spots from the pictures ! 

 If you're around France, don't hesitate to pass by the DC Area 43 snowpark, it's pretty sick !

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