Preview snowboard 2013

It's now a tradition ! We bring you exclusively all the new snowboard gear 2013, and this year is no exception ! Burton, Nitro, Yes, Lib Tech, Jones, Lobster... they're all here, and all the pictures are in this mega-news !

The Snow Avant Premiere in La Clusaz, France is THE event for professionnals in the snowboarding industry : shops, medias, brands, riders, tons of people are coming ( and we're still wondering how we managed to sneak in). All these peope gather on the carpark of the infamous Balme gondola (in front of a certain Candide Thovex's house) to put the boards on snow and try them out. Here are some previews more or less stolen, depends on the brands !

Burton 2013.

A new range just popped out at Burton for 2013, the Family Tree. It is composed of 9 boards of « new » freeride, from a mini split made with the nug technology in 148 to a new -more freeride oriented- kind of sick-stick called the Juice Wagon and developed by Stefan Maurer. But there are also some boards developed by Terje himself… If you like powder, you’ll be served. The Mr Nice Guy is back, followed in the restricted range by a brand new model, the Parkitect. The classics Custom, Custom X, Easy livin, Bullet, Clash etc… are still there ! As for the bindings, the new thing is the Genesis, a binding full of confort with a double-spoiler quite mysterious (see the pics below)..

Burton Family Tree  Burton Antler de la mort Burton Burton X Pink Floyld Burton Custom X,Antler,Mystery Burton Custom Des Burton à roulettes Burton Des fixations colorées Burton modèles inconnus...Burton La gamme Family Tree Burton La Genesis de Phil Collins Burton La Nice Guy et un monsieur qui crie Burton Mr Nice Guy Burton Un back tail sur un tail

Nitro 2013.

We don’t change the right formula. in 2013 you’ll find the Nitro boards stuffed with the usuals sober and dark graphics. Continuity in the spirit but innovation in the products, with the new high-end Ultimate for example, a new T1.5 wich is a pimped T1, the Cinema – a Nitro with the Gullwing technology but still afoardable (349 €) – and for the girls, the new thing is the Spell, a very flexible park board.

Andi et sa Nitro Ultimate Nitro Ultimate undefined undefined undefined

K2 2013.

In 2013 K2 stuffs his boards with the Tweakend. This year’s Happy Hour haven’t been designed by Danny Larsen but featured a nice co-branding with Airblaster ! Sober and efficient united colors, black, green, yellow etc… depending on the size. The very new model is the UltraDream which is the ultimate backcountry gun, with huge nose and tail !

K2 Fastplant set up undefined undefined undefined 

DC 2013.

We already presented the DC 2013 range in a previous article, but here are some more pics, for the Tone and the pro models, which are all about booze. Every rider got his own bottle, representative for his own local brew…

undefined undefined undefined undefined

YES 2013.

The adventure goes on for RDM and his friends, and they don’t count time and efforts for their brand. The big newness for the season is the 420, a mini powder board (146 cm), ultra wide ! Just like surfboards, it’s more about flotability (provided by the wide size, the shape and the setback) than the lenght… a must try. Other novelty, The Public, a jib board largely awaited in the Yes range. The Greats continue the concept of the greatest people, after great women, great men, it’s time for great riders. You’ll find on the topsheets some legends like Terje (pics below) or Jamie Lynn… The asymetrical side of the board have been accentuated with cuts on the nose and tail. And finally the Trevor Andrew pays a tribute to Biggie and Tupac : When you have one on the topsheet, you’ve got the shadow of the other on the base.

undefined Yes Greats - Terje ! Yes The Public Yes TDF, Trevor Yes, ce sont de vrais protos.

Salomon 2013.

We’ve heard a lots of rumors from Salomomon tha are now confirmed : the Villain – the Salomonder more stronger – the Sight… and they keep their « historical » boards like the Official (which is a beaut this year and inspired by a Las Vegas underground), the Sick Stick (designed by Fernando Elvira), the Salomonder, the Grip (wich is a collab with Oli Gagnon)…

undefined undefined undefined undefined undefined Salomon Salomonder x3, Wonder, Oh Yeah, Powder Snake

Ride 2013.

If we follow the tests you’re posting on Fluofun, you love the Ride Machete. Well, it’s back on 2013, joined by it’s big sister the Machete GT (a stronger version stuffed with carbon). There is also the Buck Wild with it’s design very fluo and veru fun, and this beautiful catch phrase : « I’m having more fun than you ». The Berzerker is still the pro model for Jake Blauvelt.

Rider Berzerker Ride Buck Wild, Machete GT, Berzerker, ? Ride Revolt 2 Ride Machete GT

Jones 2013.

The Jones 2013 collection is going deeper (see the pun ?) but not necessarly wider. The Flagship is now available in carbon and for the women (the Mothership). The Solution, which is THE splitboard from Jones come back this year with a somptuous design and is also available in carbon and for the women. The Twin, which is the more accessible model of all is still available in classic, wide but also in a split version and for the girls (Twin Sisters). Finally the Hovercraft is also available in a split version.

Jones Solution cleen undefined undefined

Lobster 2013.

From the opposite side of Jones, there is Lobster ! The good thing with them is that when you read the name of the board, everything is said. In 2013 the Helgason’s brothers arrived with the Jibboard, the Parkboard and the new one for men, the Freestyleboard, the only one that cost more than 400€ (449 exactly). There are are also two new boards, the Youth Board and the Girl Board… you guessed the program, right ?

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Rossignol 2013.

Rossignol got probably the most socialite french rider in the world, Xavier de le Rue. He’s got his signature model, the Experience Magtek that stay the same for 2013 as for the construction and the graphic. The Krypto is a more afoardable version of the Experience that keeps the same shape and the principals elements. The Trick Stick is the board for the park of the collection, and you can cut the nose and tail as you like. Yeah, you can cut it to do some originals custom shapes without damaged the board !

Rossignol Diva Magtek,Justice Amptek,Frenemy Magtek top Rossignol Experience Magtek, ,Angus top Rossignol Caia Koopman Rossignol Jibsaw Magtek,Trickstick Amptek,District top

Apo 2013.

Apo seems to have found a relative constant on it’s collection. There are two pro models : Tyler Chorlton and Gerome Mathieu, the guys from What We Want Films, the Selekta for the jib, the MTD for the versatility… Four new boards arrived for 2013 : the Supreme, a upscale board that cost 600€, quite unusual for Apo. We’ll also discover the Cruiser, a freeride board with a shape that reminds the Sick Stick with the pointed nose and tail, and finally the Starlet, a versatile board for the girls.

undefined undefined undefined undefined undefined

Artec 2013.

As you have probably noticed, this article leave no place for our personnal statement but here it’s impossible not to take position. So, allright they are not the best sellers boards but yes, we like the Artec boards. They receive the technology from Elan and the graphics are truelly engaged for the animal cause.

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Capita 2013.

Like Artec, the Capita is part of this very few core brands that push the snowboard graphisms. This year, the best seller will be for sure the co-branding with Volcom. Yes, you’ll (finally) be able to have a board with a big Volcom logo without being on the team ! It is Dan Brisse’s signature model. The rest of the range is still very nice, from the Totaly Fuckin awesome to the Stairmaster and the Black Snowboard of Death.

undefined undefined undefined undefined undefined

Bataleon 2013.

The brand with the Triple Base, produced for two years by Elan, come back with some new model. The Camel Toe (the experts will understand) is a freeride board with a small fishtail for the big powder for 400€ and eco-friendly. The Global Warmer which is quite the opposite of the Camel Toe, a upscale freestyle board with carbon and stuff… And finally the Fun kink, wich is the board that usually tease Burton, this year the target change… guess who’s concerned with the "Bananataleon" ?

undefined undefined undefined undefined undefined

Forum 2013.

The classics are still there and the graphic of the Destroyer will make the peaople talk, once again, with real pictures of crime scenes (after the pictures of real prostitutes). The novelty of the season is the Kitchen Sink, a freestyle board with bi gnose and tail for the flotability in the powder. The Holy Moly, the signature model from Andreas Wii gis back with a new design… very Norwegian.

undefined undefined undefined undefined

Gnu - Lib Tech 2013.

Travis Rice is still the spearhead of Lib Tech, with multiples signature models. Mark Landvik, the other star from The Art of Flight still got his model, the Lando. For Gnu, the last newness is the Impossible, a board full of very high technology which is supposed to work well. The B-Pro is co-branded with B4BC, will satisfied all the unicorn fans (like us for exemple).

undefined undefined undefined

Rome 2013

Lots of new stuff with Rome too for 2013, the Shank is stuffed with a big innovation called the « No Hang up Rocker », with 3D concave on the nose and tail. There is also the Hammerhead, the new toy of Ozzy Henning that we show to you a few weeks ago. A board inspired by Christian Hosoi (the vert rider from the 80’s that use to like the powder) and the hammerhead shark… a pure weapon for jib and flat tricks. The loyals of the brand will still find the classics Artifact, Mod or Agent.

Rome Hammerhead Rome Notch Fish,Notch,Hammerhead top Rome Anthem,Agent,Mod,Artifact bot Rome Detail en croco Rome Kick Ass

Random 2013.

To conclude this big article, here are some random pictures taken here and there, enjoy !

undefined undefined undefined undefined undefined undefined undefined undefined Nike Zoom ITES




Is there still a Burton Vapor for 2013?


new proto looks sickkk


I just got the rome gold 155, it's a beauty. can't wait to shred it



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