X Games Real Snow 2012

The X Games Real Snow are back in 2012 for it's second edition, this video contest version of the X gather together the top 8 of the best street riders; the format of the comp leave more space for creativity and originality. It seems like they finally understood that snowboarding is not all about a performance at a given moment.

Let's start with the crazy edit of Halldor Helgason... double corks in street, how insane is that ?

Edit of Dan Brisse :

Edit of Nic Sauvé :

Edit of Jed Anderson :

Edit of Scott Stevens :

Edit of Pat Moore :

Edit of Bode Merrill :

Edit of Louif Paradis :

Like in America got talent, it's the public who pick the winner by his votes, he will go with a 50 000 $ cheque. But there is also a professionnal jury that will choose a winner and will give him a gold medal and 50 000 $ too. And if you want to enter this big show, you can go vote for your favourite edit here.



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