24h of Vacation with the Forum team

Yesterday in Marseille, France, was the premiere of the last Forum movie : Vacation. The vacation theme had been taken very seriously and for the occasion almost the whole international team was there : Pat Moore, Andreas Wiig, Stevie Bell and Nic Sauvé, as well as the youngbloods Daniel Ek, Alek Oestreng and Mario Kaeppeli. They invited us to spend 24 hours of vacation with them... So here is the report, 24-alike style.

24h of vacation with the Forum team, a story told hour by hour. You can see all of the pictures in a wider size in the portfolio!

8 AM. Appointment in Grenoble with the Forum France staff. Sun is rising, mountains are still cloudy, the most famous Grenoble homeless Kamel and his radio are here. 

11.01 AM. We met up with the forum team in Carro while they are paddling hard on the meditarrean sea.

12.03 PM. BIGGEST EVENT OF THE DAY. A huge spray makes us look behind, to see what... a whale ! It's a "Never seen in Marseille" for sure !

1.13 PM. The famous moules-frites, mussels and french fries.

2.54 PM. As regular tourists, we go to Notre Dame de la Garde, the good mother of Marseille. It's very nice and the americans like it a lot.

3.40 PM. But more than a church, it's the bowl of Marseille that the team wanted to see. "Is that the one in Tony Hawk on Playstation ?" Yes Nic Sauvé, it's this one.

5.15 PM. Hungry again, we go straight to the nearest fast food, the waiter is quite busy because of our 12 big boys appetites.

6.03 PM. Back to the bowl for a second skate session, sunset option this time.

6.55 PM. Next stop at la Friche, the spot of the movie premiere.

7.22 PM. Hey, there's also a skate park at la Friche ! Third skate session for the whole team, Stevie Bell and Alek Oestreng are HOT.

8.26 PM. After the stand-up paddle and three skate sessions, it's time for a little shower before the party begins. 

9.48 PM. Projection of the video. Jake Welch got the first part. He is killing it in street AND backcountry. Last part for Pat Moore who once again did the double part thing. Motorhead - Iron Maiden. BOOM. So, it's a really good movie, with nice interludes and stuff, real good time of snowboarding.

Un public attentif et connaisseur

10.18 PM. Goodies for the crowd, they have to make it sign by the team to win a snowboard.

10.22 PM. Here is the winner, she got all the autographs. If you are over 18, there is a hidden version of this pics with Mario Kaeppeli available on this dot here . 

10.43 PM. Everybody is outside to enjoy the warm mediterranean evening but DJ Gaston Pluton doesn't give a fuck, he is still focused on his dj set. This man is legend.

1.02 AM. Everybody is gone. Lights are off. Everybody is drunk. Skate park is closed. So, it's the best time for a wallride session with Alek Oestereng.

2.34 AM. Everybody is a way more drunk, everybody has become best friends. Now the bus goes to Italy, our goodbyes sounds more like "see you soon".

2.50 AM. We go to sleep in a bungalow on a camping site... in a friendly car trunk.


8 AM. Waking up with a sweet view and road back to Grenoble. Yes, Forum is "on Vacation", and they're doing it pretty well.

Let's watch the teaser again, just to remember...




How do you play Barcelona in this year?


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