2012 boards and bindings online !

2011-2012 gear guide is on ! And there's already 198 boards from 13 brands as well as 78 bindings from 9 brand !
New : Now you can see ALL of one board's designs,  according to sizes, special editions, riders...
The brands already online: NitroSalomonRossignolAmplid, Apo, Atomic, Automaton, Dupraz, Duret, Elan, Green, Republic Snowboards and Rough Snowboards for the boards, and as for the bindings: Amplid, Apo, Atomic, Bent Metal, Elan, Raiden, Ride, Rossignol, Salomon.
NEW NEW NEW : ALL designs for each models !

Brands have most of time different designs for each boards, changing according to the size or whatever reason... (Unfortunately) design is something important when buying a new board, so we decided to show you the most exhaustively possible all that designs. Thanks to a roll bar under the main board you can see all the designs for a board. Of course, our "zoom" is still available for each of them...

Reviews are still online, and it's for and thanks to you ! Come and let your boards reviews all along the season, share your impressions and exchange your point of view (good or bad) about the boards. What are the boards to avoid? What are you enjoying?

Now lets talk about brands already online:

Salomon: The French brand carry on its efforts and launch some new boards. You can look at them here, in particular the Powder Snake, an affordable Sick StickNew for the girls, the Oh Yeah is a freestyle/jib for those who seak a technical and reasonable board.

Powder Snake


For the bindings
, the Rhythm is the new comer : It comes in variety of colors with a new toe strap, the Lock-In, for extra grip and control thanks to its empty center.

The brand is focusing on its gullwing and zero cambers. Consequently, some models are developed in both camber, as for the T1, the Team or the Blacklight. There are new Pro-one off : Anton Gunnarsson, Ben Bilocq and Marc Swoboda have now their pro models.
THE novelty is the Thief, it replaces the Misfit. Ballistic impact panel core and fiberglass, Speed formula base, the Thief is a real Nitro : technical, light and strong, that's what Nitro do the best.

(Nitro binding division): Some technical innovations, Raiden fit the Phantom and the Machine with a ratchet cable that secure foot holding and makes the bindings more resistant.

Republic Snowboards: Brand new, born in Québec this autumn, Republic is the idea of a group of riders, artists and friends. Yan Dofin, jib pioneer in Québec and inner Rome pro rider, Erik William & JF Bouchard factory owners, launch this brand with 4 boards for the freestyle rail & jib.
The Caps, inspired by two of the most influential riders to ever hit the streets of Quebec, Yan Dofin & Max Legendre.

Amplid: What the brand do the best is in the Unw8."Rocket Science for the All-Mountain mission: The Unw8 is the culmination of Amplid's 20 years of RnD experience"Unw8.

Prolific S.L.

Two models in their bindings range, the Prolific S.L. is the "all-in-one" binding ready for all riders, and for a reasonable price.

Apo: The legendary brand launched by Régis Rolland continues in its way. Once again, Gérome Mathieu aka Coincoin have his own pro model, the Coincoin, and a new pro model for Tyler Chorlton is coming: the TC. "A wide freestyle board with a freeride heart", this board have a larger waist width for boot size between 43 & 45 (8.5-11 UK, 9-11.5 US). Available in reverse camber too.
TC Tyler Chorlton Pro modèleDual Entry

No novelty for the bindings, no longer Coincoin signature, just new colors. Apo is focusing on its Dual Entry binding, that allows to strap with classical straps, or as a "back-in" system.

Elan: New in the range, the Inverse R is the rocker version of the Inverse. For the girls, the Leeloo is a park and pipe board, directional twin, available in rocker version too, the Leeloo R.Inverse R

New in our binding guide Elan offers a complete range of products. The Argon is a true freestyle binding. It answers the performance demand and stay a light binding. The Compact Lite HighBack and the ankle strap 3D system make the Argon more comfortable.

Rossignol:  The Experience Magtek is the board which was splitted by Xavier De Le Rue in the TimeLine Bonus Episode. This is the highest-hand board of Rossignol, all mountain freeride, reverse camber, Magne-Traction sidecut, Xavier De Le Rue took part in its development. Notice that all Rossignol boards are now in rocker camber. New in the freestyle range of Rossi's boards, the Jibsaw is a pipe and park board, designed by 2 Sick Bastards.
Experience MagTek

Quality improvement and innovation, that's what Rossignol made for its bindings division. The Cobra is the fruit of their researches, "HCX-18 Baseplate is the ultimate combination between responsiveness and shock absorbtion", furthermore, the price is reasonable.

Green: 100% French brand, built in Annecy ! Green boards are exclusively made for speed and precision curves. The Boardercross -as the name let knows- is for... boardercross.

: The brand consists of two boards, one of which is wide. The Extra-Dangerous is a true twin rather soft.
Extra-Dangerous 158

Dupraz: The new D1 5'2'' allows more riders to discover the sensations of the Dupraz concept. The  5'5'' and the 6' are still available, and in stiffer version with the (+) and even stiffer with the (++).D1 5'2''

Rough Snowboards: The Italian brand develop two news series, the "Foundation" and the "Revolution". The Megaphone L (Revolution series) is a pure freestyle board with a true wood-core and a mix camber.

Atomic: Austrian people from Atomic are into everything. The Poacher Renu is still present, it's the Atomic splitboard, sold in pack with the bindings and the skins.
Poacher Renu Split

The Godfather
For the bindings, Atomic present its newcomer, the Godfather including the latest technological innovations this binding "provide all the traction power required to meet all the challenges that you can launch" with a new bi-component anatomic highback.

Ride: 6 new bindings for the 2012 season.
A new girl model, the Fame, it's a up-market freestyle binding that include all the best of Ride technology.
For men, the Ill Eagle Contraband recognizable by its particular strap, the -V-Grip™- that allows an important flex.
FameIll Eagle Contraband


Bent Metal: New brand in our binding guide, mainly for freestyle Bent Metal present two models. The Mortalis a hard binding for those who want comfort and stability in the park.

More brands are coming, stay tuned on fluofun or our facebook: fb.com/fluofun !


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