JP Walker: video parts

JP Walker just released his new website, therealjp.com (just like his friend Jeremy Jones with therealjeremyjones.com). For the occasion, he published almost all of his video parts online. You'll find all of them in this article, from Simple Pleasures to Double Decade, without forgetting That and The Resistance! Thanks uncle JP.

To start off, here is his part in Simple pleasures by MDP in 1997.

For those of you who haven't followed, JP Walker has been snowboarder of the year 6 times (more than any other rider), brought jibbing back to snowboarding in the 90's, is from Salt Lake but looks like he came from a ghetto, has a huge chin, and was throwing down double rodeos about 10 years ago. JP Walker is ''The Don''.

Here is his most recent part (apart from this years video - Cheers) in Stepchild's This Video Sucks, first full Switch part, which you might have already seen on Fluofun.

The year before that, in 2008, Mack Dawg released Double Decade, to celebrate their 20 years of producing snowboard movies...

In 2006, Forum came back to making videos and released That. It will be the Don's last movie while with Forum, after which he signed with Stepchild (same for Devun Walsh, which wend to DC after that).

Chulksmack, filmed by MDP in 17mm (1mm more then the rest) in 2004

Shakedown, MDP, 2003. Not JP's best year, as he woke up in the hospital with no teeth and a broken jaw...

In 2002, MDP makes a documentary on the Nixon Jibfest, an 'anti-contest' invitational hosted by JP Walker, Jeremy Jones and Dave Downing. For this event, they created specially tailored jib features and destroyed them at the end of the 3 days.

True Life, 2001, 2nd collaboration between Forum and Mack Dawg, took a different approach to snowboard movies, getting closer to the riders, showing what happened on the road, and taking the audience behind the scenes.

The Resistance. 1st collaboration between Forum and Mack Dawg in 2000. This movie marks a historical turn in freestyle snowboarding. It's probably one of the videos that has left the strongest impression on riders in the past 20 years.

Technical Difficulties (MDP, 1999) already included many riders from the Forum team, Brand created a year earlier by Peter Line and friends.

Decade, movie to celebrate MDP's 10 years (already) of snowboard video productions in 1998.

And they aren't all there... JP had previously filmed with Kingpin Productions and had a few other parts since 1994, including Mainstream (1994), Forward into Battle (1995), Warriors (1995), Gas Money (1995) and Kingpin Chronicles (1996)


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