Homies 2 + Pierre Rue interview

Here is Homies 2, the full video! From urban destruction to freeride line, going through backcountry kickers, Nico Droz's posse destroys it all... And exclusively on Fluofun, we bring it along a nice chat with Pierre Rue, 18 yo, the kid of the crew!

Alright, you've just seen Homies 2, Locked Outside, with Paul Lambersen, Aymeric Tonin, Pierre Rué, David Livet, Laurent Gougain, Morgan Lefaucheur, Jonas Emery, Alex Doumergue, Arthur Girault, Nico Droz, Nate Bozung, Corey Noble, Matty Ryan, JP Solberg, RDM, Laurent Gougain, Morgan Lefaucheur, Tonton Holland...
More info on the Homies crew and tons of podcasts: homiesgrounds.com

Let's get to the Pierre Rué's interview!

Hi Pierre!
Salamalekoum, Abdel el-Kader speaking! haha! no seriously hi, my name is Pierre Rué, I come from the Pyrénées, I'm 18yo and I ride for Advita, Nixon, Von Zipper, Anagram and Jump Skateshop (Pau, France).

So tell us about last season, shooting for this video Homies 2, what have you been up to?
Last season we had two trips. One in the US: first in Seattle for some backcountry shredding, then in Salt Lake city and finaly in Tahoe. Afterwards i moved to Poland, where I had almost my face bursted out by some random Polish hooligan... They were about to stick me in a gutter! That ain't no bullshit! 

Tell us!
Well I had just hurt myself on a spot and was walking back at night. I was going downtown where I could buy something to drink, Coke, no alcool for sure. Walking my way, I see two guys coming in front of me. There was a snow wall on my right et on the left this gutter. I see the guys coming, they're twice my size. I shift on the right, they shift too. I am just "ok fuck, this is for me". I try to walk between the two when one of them just grab my throat... Man, I try to fight, knocking anywhere before I managed to run away. I really though I was going to end in that gutter. They didn't say anything to me, they were hooligans and I was the Visible Minority. Out there there is no nigga, no arabs, no one! Only 2meters high white guys and you're not supposed to open your mouth...

All right... But how was it for the ride?
It was good, there are a lot of spots.
We rent a generator. First we ask some Polish guys: we wait all day in order to ride the spot at night but then the generator does not work, yet we had bought lamps on purpose. The day after, we go and rent another generator and this one neither doesn't work... So we ran two kilometers with Romain Taillefer to withdraw some monney to pay a guy from the ghetto to fix the generator. That spot was so weird... Young guys with coal on their faces, wheelbarrows and trowels, it's a bit shocking in fact. There are tons of spots but the situation out there is really sketchy.

On a Human experience scale, what do you earn from your trips?
It's only been 3 years I'm traveling, and won't complain about it but honestly some countries are really sketchy, even if there are tons of spots.... it is so not safe... On another side, in these spots 40cm of snow can remain in the city, there are tons of spots that have never been rode before and the cops won't bother you, it's great. But  you shouldn't go there more than a week to protect your nerves! haha! The minimum wage is 5 times lower than in France so we could go to the fanciest restaurants and explode our bellies! In Poland you can eat for 5 people for 10€, that's so cool.

Did you move around Poland?
No, we came back directly. We will go back there, or at least in the area. I think there are tons of spots to shoot in eastern countries, particularly in Czech Republic.

is it only urban shreding?

No, you have a bit of everything. If you move you ass, you can find very good spots !

And did you shoot some backcountry ?
I did a bit of everything. A lot of backcountry, but it is quite hard to land your tricks. But I managed to land my first trick that winter so I’m happy and you can see it in Homies 2 so you can’t say I’m a liar !

I already saw you on kickers in the park…
We filmed a bit in the park too, but we didn't have the time to do everything we wanted because of weather and snow… It was not cool… But I think that next year I will have a big backcountry part, and still some rail.

How is the kick off of the 09/10 season for you ?
I started with a twisted knee… In Stockholm late october, so I couldn't ride until december. Then we had a bad car crash on the highway with David Livet and Aymeric Tonin… finaly we headed back to Poland in January to shoot with the Homies.

What about skateboarding? You were in the DC team right ?
No, sometime the DC team called me to do some stuff, but in the pro team it is another thing… There are big machines ! But as I started skateboarding when I was young at the same time I started snowboarding, I try to keep up and do both skating and snowboarding.

Does skateboarding influence the way you snowboard ?
It just help for the vivacity, to get on a rail and to have stability, because when you arrive with your skateboard on a rail you have to be stable like a chinese gymnast… it is very good for the street ollies. Do skateboard, no rollerblade !

I’ve heard something… Well people they say that… well, that you smoke quite often… (cigarettes for sure). Can you tell us the truth about that?
What ??? Me ??? NO !! I am underaged and an athlete, I think about my health. It is high level sport I’m doing. Do you really think I could snowboard and smoke at the same time ? No way !!

And the Olympics are coming, you have to get ready…
Yeah, the Olympics… I don’t think I will compete… I will stay in my couch instead. They wouldn’t want me in the team anyway… They would test my blood and say « Ooohh Sir, you have seen some stars recently! »

And what’s up, a message for someone, are you looking for a girl ?
No thanks, I already have my girl, she is the shit ! [Pauline this is for you] « Hi Pauline, I love you ! » I’m all fine, I have everything I need !

Did you gratuated ?
No I quit school at around 16, I wanted to do a year at distance for another year but…

At the same time as riding ?
Yes that’s it, but well… Salesman diploma, it did not work…

You’ll have the time to continue later…
Yes, maybe when i’ll turn 70 I’ll go graduate !

Where do you see yourself in 5/10 years ? And where were you 5/10 years back actually ?
I was in Lourdes, getting myself annoyed by the skaters who were 10 year older than me… Now I am the one annoying the younger guys, haha. I hope that in 5/10 years, I’ll still be able to snowboard and that I will travel, that I won’t be unemployed…

What do you think of the level in snowboarding ? Urban snowboarding has evolved, we see kickers in the city !
Yes, the underflip from a roof above a fence, I think that’s  Johnny Paxson... This guy is killing it ! I think the level in snow is increasing too fast ! It's too much at a time… Shaun Whites landing double corks one right after the other in pipe, I think it takes away the beauty of our sport, it is becoming more like gymnastic than anything else. They can dress dope, unless it is a crazy guy throwing  a double cork in slow motion over a cliff in the backcountry, every one will say it's gymnastic. Well, we need a bit of everything… Urban riding is getting really sick but I think it starts to get closer to skiing.

yeah a little, but I don't want to talkshit, and that's not like I can do those tricks.

Yes, skiing is skiing... the "snow side" of rollerblading just like snowboarding is the "snow side" of skateboarding...
Yeah but when Louif Paradise doess cab 27 frontboard bretzel out on rails, it's a skiing combo for me. Or frontboard to lipslide 27 out. Those things are too much "ski"

Well, skiers are way worse, real whirlgigs , almost 45 in sex change 45 out...
To me, snowboarding in the city was to do like skateboarding and now it's moving away from that…

If it's do to the same thing as skateboarding, then one would rather skateboard isn't he? Snowboarding is like skateboarding but easier, whereas if you try on bigger handrails or something more innovative, then you bring something new to the game…
What I want to say is that between a front board on a long rail of 30 steps and a spining top trick, no doubt, I prefer a goodfront board middle of board even if that's easier. Now instead of having real parts, the guys always do the same tricks, playstation style, and it does not look good.

Jed Anderson the small guy wearing tight jeans from Salomon, on the park this summer he was doing 36 front in 50-50 36 back out, that's also something new…
I don’t really mind entries and exits of rails, it's more once on the rail… Maybe Nollie backtail, 36 back grind are ok… But then, if it's to do such things, go in a park ! Or if you can do it on a street rail, ok it's hard and you’ll have a sick trick but it doesn’t mean it's going to look good… BUT TO EVERYONE HIS THING! To compare, I prefer 1000 times more Justin Benee’s part in Moment of Truth than Louif Paradis’ part this year. If you compare the style : it has nothing similar ! Even if it's less technical, he lands his tricks perfectly, he has style : that's a real snowboard part ! Louif Paradis’ part is going to far… It looks like gymnastic…
I think I would have prefer to be born 10 years earlier when I see the style today, and the level too… ahah ! It would have been easier!

Anything else?
This season, same crew but a new project, new riders coming, check it out on Homies ground!

Crédit photo: Perly.




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