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Elan Xenon X - product details, tests and photos

Elan Xenon X

 Xenon X -  Xenon X
 Xenon X -
 Xenon X  Xenon X
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Xenon X - Company's description

Developed using our CBS baseplate and Compact lite Highback, the Xenon X delivers performance and that is great for everything from hitting the pipe to cruising the slopes. Fully customizable with complete adjustability, and featuring our Eliptical straps for comfort and fit, the Xenon X works excellent with the Eragon for a wide range of riders and terrain.


Base plate - CBS High back - Compact lite Straps - Elliptical Comfort - Standard padding

Baseplate material Number of size available Toe strap Ridable sans spoiler
Plastique 2 Classique No


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