Electric EG2.5 2015

Electric EG2.5
Description of the Electric EG2.5 goggle :
More suited for smaller mugs, the EG2.5 doesn't compromise any of the features of its big brother the EG2; possibly the clearest , widest field of vision goggle ever invented, designed with the essential more lens, less frame strategy. DESIGNED IN CALIFORNIA - Ergonomic Frame Design - Mold ...
(By Electric)
8 available screens types :
  • bronze/silver chrome
  • yellow/blue chrome
  • bronze/green chrome
  • rose/blue chrome
  • bronze/blue chrome
  • bronze/pink chrome
  • bronze/gold chrome
  • jet black
SUGGESTPRICE. From 90 to 125 $ From 140 to 150 €
TARGET_AUDIENCE : Unisex thin faces
13 available colours : haze, Gloss Black, V.CO-Lab, gloss black white, White Tropic, Biohazard, Blues, Beach, Stardust, duran, C Foam, New Wave, Roots
FOG_WHITE_DAY Fog / White day
BAD_WEATHER Bad weather
SUNNY_GLACIER Very sunny / Glacier
Options :
Removable screen spheric screen second screen free helmet compatible triple layer face foam


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